Our Safaris

Established in 2011 where the famed Grasslands and the Nama Karoo biomes collide on the Southern Banks of the Orange River Rhenosterhoek Hunting Safaris was born. Your safari with us will be centered around our experience oriented guiding style with a strong focus on hospitality from 5 star catering to world class facilities and vehicles.

We offer you 27 huntable game species from Cape Buffalo to Springbuck in our primary area; Rhenosterhoek Private Reserve. As well as dozens of other Game species available in the Province with a larger itinerary from the tiny 10 to introduced and naturalized species from further north. Come and enjoy specialized Wingshooting, Big Game hunting and Plains Game hunting safaris with us.

Our resident chef will delight you while on safari with us at The Hunters’ Lodge on Rhenosterhoek Private Reserve. offering you our home grown, grass fed beef, wild game meat and seasonal delights from vegetable/herb Garden. While Rupert will make sure these are well paired with some fine local wine, a local craft brew or your choice of Scotch Whiskey or the like after a hard day’s hunting with us. 

A typical day on safari with us includes freshly brewed hot coffee around the fire before day-break with a home-baked rusk, a warm brunch back at the lodge or out in the veld/bush. Hunting the early hours of the morning and well into the day, a siesta after a well-earned brunch or lunch in the veld/bush or back at camp. Afternoon high tea before the second session of hunting in the afternoon, into the evening. 

Once we’ve hung up our gloves for the day, sundowners are served out in the field overlooking the mighty Orange River or a one of our viewpoints or viewing decks with expansive vistas of the wilderness area. Back at the lodge a large  fire in the boma, Great Room or firepit will form the center point around the day’s hunting stories. Followed by a hearty dinner and some grape juice or your beverage/poison of choice. The night sky is then typically lit by the Milky Way and stars or a hunter’s moon which are enjoyed from the lodge deck or outside fireplaces.

We have fine tuned the experience over the past 2 decades while catering for family and friends to understand what makes our hunts unique and we apply those learnings in all hunts and experiences we offer.

Why RH Safaris

What are we?

We are exclusive hunting safari outfitters, that offer customized safari itineraries for our clients, with a specific focus on - Hunting safaris (big game, plains game, fowl), - Photographic safaris with a twist, - Stays at Rhenosterhoek, - Wing shooting tours/groups, - Unique hunting experiences (warthog - driven, lancing from horseback)

Who are we?

We are responsible hunters with a love and commitment to ethical hunting, following fair chase principles. We promote and practice the sustainable utilization of wildlife as a means to an end and an end in itself. We promote and practice a regenerative management policy on our primary property; Rhenosterhoek, which sees us restoring and regenerating pristine Grassland and Nama Karoo Biome habitat. We are custodians of our land and environment, acting responsibly, maintaining and managing our herds of wild game to the betterment of the veld, land and ecosystem.

Where are we?

We are nestled in between the unique Nama Karoo and the seasonal Grassland Biomes, on the southern banks of the Orange River, in the famous Eastern Cape province. The Eastern Cape is famous for its variety of game, landscapes and seasonal variation, with up to 60 species of game available for hunting, having 27 on Rhenosterhoek alone.

What do we stand for?

Being custodians of our wild places, protecting our wild game species, adding more species where we can and promoting and practicing ethical, fair chase hunting as well as sustainable and regenerative utilization of wildlife through the hunting safari model. This model focuses on lower impact tourism, harvesting scientifically based quotas and a broad spectrum of species, to the benefit of all the species, the land and us the landowner/safari operator.